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Moynihan Train Station


Penn Station is arguably the lifeblood of New York City. The Moynihan Train Hall, completed at the onset of 2021, is an extension of the Station  What better way to welcome commuters and travellers.

LightFrame is a translucent fabric ceiling and wall system complete with: acoustical panels, light-source and a fully accessible suspension system. It provides light transmission rates up to 83% and NRC values up to 0.9. The precision monofilament fabric optimizes artificial or natural light transfusion without any color shift, giving even light illumination. Extremely narrow seams and an elliptic profile ensure illuminated surfaces are practically shadow-free. Unique finishing and coating techniques ensure UV durability without fading, while the materials remain extremely tough and long-lasting. All fabrics used in LightFrame panels are smooth, wrinkle-free, pre-stressed, and rated Class A according to ASTM E84.

Decoustics backlit, translucent fabric LightFrame acoustical ceiling system completes Phase 1 of the newly expanded Moynihan Train Hall inside Penn Station Complex, Manhattan, NY. LightFrame acoustical panels greatly reduce noise inside this busy train station walkway and illuminate the space with soft, glowing blue light, resembling a bright clear sky.  

Architects: SOM
Location: Manhattan, NY, USA
Products: Decoustics LightFrame®
Attributes: LED Lighting, Glowing back light
Photography: Alan Tansey

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