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A Ranch style home with Cedar Impressions siding in Hearthstone.

Circular Economy 

Circularity helps reduce carbon emissions and protect biodiversity. That’s good for everyone and everything. 

Our Impact 

Three times the amount
The Past 

In the last 50 years, resource extraction has more than tripled worldwide. Raw materials are increasingly scarce. 

The Present 

Construction consumes 50% of the world’s natural resources and generates 40% of solid waste. 

The Future 

Transitioning toward and ultimately achieving a circular economy will get us closer to carbon neutrality. 

A home with Cedar Impressions siding in Hearthstone.
How We Help 

Designing products for circularity is an ongoing effort. We’ll also work with you to minimize onsite waste—and that will also benefit your bottom line. 


We see the big picture. A Life Cycle Assessment is an analytical tool that quantifies and interprets how a product impacts the environment from its creation to its disposal. 


We share our ecological information freely on our website through Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and third-party Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) certified by UL Environment.