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With CertainTeed's Solstice® Panel, you are assured of the highest quality solar panels crafted using state-of-the-art automated production lines. These cutting-edge materials adhere to stringent quality control standards, ensuring top-notch performance. What sets us apart in the industry is our commitment to offering the most comprehensive warranty coverage. Our solution provides a 25-year warranty encompassing the entire solar roofing system, including asphalt shingles and installation workmanship. This level of coverage guarantees complete peace of mind for your solar and roofing investment. One critical aspect we address is avoiding the void on roofing warranty when you install Solstice® Panels. It's imperative that solar panel installation does not jeopardize the underlying roofing warranty. With Solstice® Panel, our customers enjoy the confidence of a warranty covering the solar system, as well as our renowned roof warranty, which includes roofing materials and workma...See More

Features & Benefits

Sleek and uniform appearance that integrates seamlessly with asphalt shingles
Easy design and permitting using industry leading software. Designed for fast installation by shingle roofing crews. Installed directly on roof sheathing using standard deck screws.
Market-leading impact and wind resistance for solar shingles with a wind speed rating of 110 mph. Rated to be installed in any wind zone including Florida's high velocity hurricane zone.
You count on your solar system to generate electricity reliably for a long time – 25 years.

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