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The Terminus Fin Perimeter Trim introduces an innovative architectural cloud trim solution specifically designed for edge terminations in suspended ceilings. This distinctive trim system offers a range of features and benefits to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your suspended ceiling design. Tailored for acoustical lay-in ceilings, the Fin edge trim provides a refreshing alternative to conventional straight edge trims, adding a unique aesthetic dimension to your ceiling design. The trim is thoughtfully constructed with robust extruded aluminum to ensure durability and longevity. To further enhance its structural integrity, the trim features a double-grooved channel design, providing additional strength and stability, thus contributing to its reliability in various ceiling applications. For your convenience, the Terminus Fin Perimeter Trim is readily available in standard white and black finishes. For those looking to match specific design or color preferences, additional...See More

Features & Benefits

For use with acoustical lay-in ceilings, Fin edge trim offers an alternative aesthetic to traditional straight edge trim
Constructed with sturdy extruded aluminum . Double grooved channel for additional strength.
Available in standard white and black. Additional color options are offered through our Post-Paint process.
Factory-mitered corner kits available
Suspension System Terminus Fin Perimeter

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