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NoiseReducer building insulation installed between wood studs.

Sound Control Insulation

Creating Comfortable, Quiet Spaces


Fortunately, there are many ways to make homes quieter today, particularly when building them from the ground up. Whether you’re planning to build a new home, remodel an existing one, or you simply desire more peace, quiet, and privacy, fiberglass insulation from CertainTeed is an efficient and effective option for sound control. Sound control insulation does much more than save energy. Strategically placed, it absorbs sound and helps make your home a quieter place to live.

All fiberglass insulation will contribute to the reduction of unwanted noise transmission. However, most insulation is just placed in the exterior walls and we tend to forget that much of the unwanted noise in the home environment is transmitted from within the home, room to room. Sustainable Inusulation®, CertainTeed Insulation’s line of fiberglass insulation batts, are perfect for sound reduction for interior wall applications. Professionally installed OPTIMA® blow-in insulation system is another excellent sound control option for interior wall cavities for both existing walls and new construction or renovation.

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