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All-Weather Exterior Solutions 

Seasonal extremes. Unpredictable changes. Stronger, longer impacts on exteriors. Building resilience is your new best defense.

Climate Resilience 

Zone Shifting 

Weather patterns are changing. Adaptation is essential. We have the right materials to help you enhance resiliency and durability—while also doing right by the planet. 

Beat the Heat 

Innovative products like our Solaris Cool Roof Shingles and Flintlastic® SA Cap CoolStar® help mitigate the effect of excessive heat. 

Beat the Cold 

NorthGate ClimateFlex shingles offer durable, polymer-modified asphalt for cold weather pliability and enhanced hail resistance.   

Close up shot of NorthGate ClimateFlex Max Def Weathered Wood
Weather All Storms 

Prevent water penetration in your roof’s most vulnerable places with Landmark ClimateFlex shingles, CertaSeal,  and  WinterGuard(R) waterproofing shingle underlayment. A variety of surfaces work with every roof slope and style. 

All-Season Insulation 

Innovative foam insulation technology meets popular historic siding. The result: CedarBoards™ Board & Batten, which help reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Fire Protection 

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 is a glass mat membrane used in two-ply or multi-layer modified bitumen fire-rated roofing systems. Ceramic surface granules provide a durable, heat-reflective surface.