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Certainteed 2024 US Industry Trend Report

Introducing 2024 U.S. Industry Trend Report


What’s ahead in the world of home construction and renovation? We’ve asked the people best qualified to provide insight: our customers. Understanding the needs of builders, contractors, and homeowners helps keep us at the forefront of sustainable construction.CertainTeed, in partnership with leading market research firm IPSOS, presents its 2024 U.S. Industry Trend Report. It reveals top home construction priorities from the inside out, including enhancing curb appeal, prioritizing sustainability, home upgrades for a stronger ROI, investing in solar, and more.

Professional insights from leading voices in the building industry, including CertainTeed’s executive leadership and boots-on-the-ground builders and contractors, offer a comprehensive preview of upcoming trends in the home building and renovation industry. The trend report reflects the responses of 702 U.S. adults (age 25 and up). Of these, 201 are professionals, including residential builders and contractors, and 501 are prospective home buyers and homeowners who have made home renovations in the past five years or intend to do so within the next two years. 


Millennial respondents are a driving force for a sustainable future, and more likely to view sustainability factors as high priorities. They prefer products made with materials that are responsibly sourced and conscientiously manufactured. Sustainability also influences purchase decision or residential builders and contractors.

By better understanding the priorities and needs of our customers, we will increasingly be able to deliver products that outperform expectations over time,” observes Mark Rayfield, CEO, CertainTeed LLC and Saint-Gobain North America. “We are on the leading edge of transforming how our industry builds by focusing on offering dependable, sustainable, and innovative solutions.” 


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