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Flintlastic APP Roof System was used to solve the unique challenges of Kodiak Island, Alaska

The Coast Guard Naval Air Station on Kodiak Island, Alaska, is more than a military installation.  It is part of our history. 
The same hangars that were used to house fighter planes in the 1940s are used now to house the Coast Guard's airplanes and helicopters.  Though they are considered by many to be historic buildings, the hangars are used daily.  This, the weather, and island transportation made Kodiak reroofing a particularly demanding job. 
The reroofing was confided to Industrial Roofing.  Miguel Torres, foreman from Industrial Roofing, and the crew installed 800 squares of CertainTeed's Flintlastic® STA smooth surfaced APP modified bitumen roofing membrane, followed by a cap of CertainTeed's Flintlastic® GTA-FR™ mineral surfaced APP modified bitumen on Hangar #3.  A second foreman, Nick Hernandez, and his crew installed 680 squares on Hangar #1.
The Coast Guard selected a CertainTeed Flintlastic Modified Bitumen roof system for several reasons.  The first involved wind uplift considerations.  On Kodiak, the 50-100 mph winds are pretty steady, and they were taking their toll on the hangar roofs.  Second, these historic buildings require a UL Class "A" fire-rated roof system.
Paul Bunyan Contracting of Eagle River, Alaska brought in Industrial Roofing to work with CertainTeed Territory Manager Greg Palandrani and the architectural firm of Simpson, Gumpertz & Hager of San Francisco, California to customize a standard CertainTeed Commercial Roof System specification to address the unique needs of this project.  The resulting specification called for tearing off the existing roof system and replacing the wood decking as needed.
Hangar #1 was completed in August 1998.  Hangar #3 was completed in August of 2000.  Both roofing systems are performing beautifully.
The geography of the Kodiak Archipelago has been strongly influenced by both volcanic and seismic activity.  Neither the Coast Guard no Industrial Roofing can anticipate nature's next blow, but both are confident that if it is wind she delivers the CertainTeed roof on hangars #1 and #3 will weather the storms.

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