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Our Mission


Our mission is to transform the world into a better, more sustainable home through an ever-evolving range of groundbreaking building solutions. We lead with innovation, ensuring that our offerings not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges.

We believe in purpose-driven design, creating systems and solutions that harmoniously blend comfort, beauty, and well-being for all. Our approach is holistic, rooted in a deep understanding of how components, materials, and finished products synergize to provide transformative solutions, today and for generations to come.


Building Science

It’s time to rethink the way we build—for people and the planet. This starts with understanding the delicate balance of factors that impact the occupant experience: the building envelope, mechanical systems, the building’s function, and the outside environment.

Our Building Science experts, with input from professionals throughout the industry, constantly study, test, and reimagine our products to uphold our commitment to manufacturing excellence.  

Systems & Solutions

Driven by Collaboration 

Customer needs inspire us to experiment with new ideas and materials. Our ongoing conversations with architects, contractors, and homeowners help us create and refine beneficial technologies.  

Driven by Problem Solving 

Every project raises new challenges, which is why we work hard to provide inventive, practical solutions to your questions. After all, an answer is just a response. A solution is an advancement.  

Building Science
Systems Solutions, Part I 

We engineer our products as a direct response to real-world challenges. This facilitates modularity and the optimization of the built environment. 

Systems Solutions, Part II 

A whole system of products designed with the entire structure in mind. Inside and out. Lighter modern materials make for a longer product lifecycle—and more efficient construction. 

The Freedom to Imagine 

Dream big. Or intricate. Or both. We bring your visions to reality in innovative, easily realized ways. 

The Confidence to Create 

Creativity and functionality? Yes. The most aesthetic installations still yield practical benefits such as open plenum ceiling access and acoustical control. 

There’s plenty more to CertainTeed sustainability. 

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