Trim FAQs

Where can I use Restoration Millwork® or Vinyl Carpentry® Trim?

You can use Restoration Millwork anywhere you would use vinyl or wood trim. The design possibilities are endless using our sheets, trimboards, corners and wide range of specialty profile products. Another great option for accessories is our Vinyl Carpentry line of window and door trim, corner systems, wall and soffit transitions, and accents — available in a wide range of colours to match or contrast with your CertainTeed siding.

Use the Trim-It™ interactive tool to see design options.

What is Beadboard Trim?

Beadboard trim is a tongue-and-groove type of “panelling.” Traditional applications, known as wainscoting, usually run along the bottom half of the wall.

Other exterior applications for beadboard trim include: porch ceilings, soffit, decks and hot tubs, flower boxes, and more. When used in combination with vinyl siding or brick, beadboard trim creates a classic look with a lot of visual interest.

Does Restoration Millwork® expand and contract?

Yes, all cellular PVC products expand and contract. When installing Restoration Millwork, allow 1/8” per 18 feet and use scarf joints and glue on long runs to keep the expansion out at the ends of the run. Consult our Installation Manual (add link) for additional information.

How do Restoration Millwork® Trim pieces work together?

See how our Restoration Millwork products work together to complete the look of the home and add detail by visiting the Google Sketchup 3D warehouse.

Can I paint Restoration Millwork® Trim?

CertainTeed Restoration Millwork is highly resistant to UV fading, cracking and yellowing. It features the look of natural white painted wood with the superb workability and durability of cellular PVC. Although it never needs painting, Restoration Millwork it can be painted with 100% acrylic latex for light colours and Sherwin-Williams® VinylSafe™ paint for dark colours.

Restoration Millwork exterior trim has a similar weight and density as prime #2 pine and the same material and density throughout — from surface to inner core. Its consistent quality, uniformity, long-lasting durability and dimensional accuracy create an unparalleled beauty that looks and feels like wood. Better still, it offers the option of Smooth or TrueTexture™ woodgrain finishes. TrueTexture, moulded from real cedar boards, is the most authentic woodgrain texture available in exterior trims. And because Restoration Millwork has a tight cell structure, cut edges are very close to factory finish.

In addition to a comprehensive offering of sheets and trimboards, Restoration Millwork offers a wide array of specialty profiles that provide the charming accents and design flexibility to ensure a beautiful installation.

What method is recommended for fastening?

CertainTeed recommends fastening Restoration Millwork® every 16”, penetrating 1-1/2” into solid substrate or framing member. Consult our installation manual for additional information.

Can Restoration Millwork® be used for exterior window trim?

Yes, Restoration Millwork trimboards with built-in J-Pockets work great aexterior window trim. Continue to dress up your windows or doors with our extensive line of specialty profiles.

How is Restoration Millwork applied to curved or arched areas?

Restoration Millwork can be heat-bent to a manufacturer’s standard sizes and to match custom decorative dimensions.

For more information, see CertainTeed’s guide on Heat Bending and Sherwin-Williams® Vinyl Safe™ Paint colour Guide.

Helpful Resources

Heat Bent
Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe™ Paint colour Guide

What is FinishedEdge™?

FinishedEdge is CertainTeed’s proprietary process that heat-seals the edges on Restoration Millwork® trim to prevent dirt from collecting on the surface.