The number of homeowners “going solar” has increased by an average of 40% every year for the last 10 years. About half a million homeowners in the U.S. have determined that solar roofing is the best choice, here is why:


1. The cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70%.


2. Over the last decade, the industry has expanded into new markets and deployed millions of systems nationwide.


3. A single hour of the summer sun at noon equals the annual U.S demand for electricity, according to the U.S Energy Department. That means no matter where you are, a roof with solar panels can harness more than enough electricity for your use.


4. Most states in the United States have good-to-excellent solar resource. Even places with relatively low sunlight levels, such as Alaska, can experience cost savings, and have similar sunlight levels to widely developed solar countries like Germany.


5. Solar financing options available in all regions can help you go solar with no money down – allowing you to save money from day one.


6. Homes with solar have higher resale values and sell more quickly. A recent Zillow study has revealed a 4% increase in home values.


7. Solar allows people to reduce their dependence on their utility.


8. Solar systems create greater national energy independence.


9. You can help protect the environment.


10. Growth in demand for solar helps create jobs domestically. Between 2014 and 2019, solar employment increased five times faster than job growth in the overall U.S. economy.


11. Solar and stylish are synonymous. With the advent of products such as roof-integrated solar shingles, solar systems look cooler than ever.

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